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Beat Summer Heat With A Twilight / Night Launch!


Our clustered SR-71 Red Bird taking off a little after sunset on 3 C6-5's!
Depending on where you live, sometimes, summer heat and humidity is not only uncomfortable, it's down right dangerous! But have no fear, there are ways to beat the heat. Our favorite way is to make our flights late evening or even after dark!


Here's our BSG Hyper Viper lifting off on a pair of B6's. It has flown on 4 C6's but at night that would really be pushing it for recovery.


Above we see our 2 stage, 6 engine, triple pay loader, Dorothy. Normally she goes up on a 3 to 3 C engine set up but for our last night launch we toned it down a bit and went single stage but still flew on 3 C6's. The Scare Crow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion have flown many times but occasionally we'll substitute a few glow sticks to make Dorothy easier to track.

Night Launch Sequences For Spiff & Rocket Babe! 


Randy's first cluster rocket, Spaceman Spiff's Rocket Of Death! Spiff can launch on 3 B6's or 3 C6's and has flown dozens of times! 


This is a great twilight close up of Spiff's ROD taken by Randy using a Yashica 35mm SLR with a 200mm telephoto lens; no flash.


For a night launch we substitute a glow stick for Spiff to help with recovery. This is a digital shot made by George Gassaway.


Randy and our son Louis prep Rocket Babe for her 25th flight. This evening she went up on a D12 core, with 4 C6 outboards.


With no wind at all and night closing in, Rocket Babe lifts off with all 5 engines glowing nicely!


Off the rod!


Had to use a flash with this one.


One of my favorite shots! Only when it is dark can you see the actual length of the flames and just like the real thing, it's as long as the rocket!
A twilight or night launch is a great way to beat the heat!


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