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Photos Of The Month




Nothing is more American than, "the girl next door!" Dawn Wells, aka Mary Ann (Gilligan's Island) stopped by to wish everyone a Happy 4th!
Now THAT'S a big firecracker!


Dick Stafford is always working on something different over at Dick's Original Rocket Dungeon. Here is his brand new orange and white Centaurus! 


Complete with holographic stripe, Dick plans to fly this one on a CTI IG F-59-6. We're looking forward to the launch photos! You can see more on his build at the Dungeon. 


Above and below we see an Aerotech Mustang built by Birmingham Rocket Boys president, Ronald Dunn, lifting off on an E18. 


Ron got a nice boost on a windy day and a nice smoke trail as well!


Above: Centuri Space Shuttle, Evel Kneivel Sky Cycle, SDI Satellite, BSG Viper and an authentic Centuri Pow'r Pad.
ALL scratch built by, Mike Lelinski. 
Below: Battlestar Galactica Viper


Nice Viper Mike! You can never have too many Vipers!


Lastly, for all of you HIGHEST POWER fans, Apollo 11 heads for the moon!
Thanks to this website we now have friends all over the world and we very much enjoy hearing from all of you. We hope you enjoy the time you spend with us here and come back often! 

Our nation's birthday is one of our favorite holidays. Lots of family, food, fire & smoke, and while we certainly have our share of problems in the U.S., no matter what comes along, we are still very proud to be Americans!

Randy and I hope everyone has a great 4th of July, where ever you live!

Verna & Randy


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