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Chris Taylor - NARAM LIVE!

For many years now Randy & I have enjoyed Chris Taylor’s NARAM LIVE photo posts and this year is no exception! Every year Chris graciously posts shots from each day’s events for the entire world to enjoy. For those of us who just can’t seem to get the week long rocketry extravaganza worked into our schedules, it’s a great way for us to cyber-attend NAR’s premier rocketry meet!


Even though we don’t have all the names and particulars for the flyers and the rockets you are about to see, we are sure everyone will enjoy those highlighted here. To see all of Chris’ photos head over to his website: NARAM LIVE!


The first three rockets you'll see are from "Fun Scale."


Does anyone know what this one is? ; )


Or this one?


WOW! A clustered Interceptor!


Another great cluster! Look at that detail! Most people wouldn't even fly a rocket finished this well.


I'm guessing this one is a Guardian on at least an H motor.


Gotta love the sparkies!
Thanks again Chris!


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