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Photos Of The Month

German Engineering In The House! Ya!

World Class Rocketeer - Rolf Stabroth


World Class rocketeer, Rolf Stabroth, holding Rocket Girl.


Rollie's, Rocket Girl lifting into grey skies!


Yes boys and girls, what you see sitting on the pad is a Bachem Ba 349 Natter. Germany planned to use them as a manned surface to air interceptor. This rocket is what legends are made of and due to its stubbiness, even the heartiest rocketeers rarely even attempt to build one, much less successfully fly it.


Like he does for all of his rockets, Rollie built his Natter from scratch and he is the ONLY man/rocketeer I know to EVER successfully fly and recover one. 


Last minute electronics prep on Rollie's Saturn V.


A great shot of the Saturn V leaving the pad.


Here's Rollie with his Russian N-1. I have to say I've never seen a better looking N-1 on any scale.


Another impressive liftoff of another very impressive rocket! What you've seen here on Photo Of The Month barely scratches the surface of what Rollie has done over the years. For his most recent awe inspiring build and launch keep scrolling. When you're finished here head on over to Fire & Smoke!
Thank you Rollie!


And now a preview of what's ahead on Fire & Smoke...






Visit Fire & Smoke to see what it's all about!


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