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If you stopped by last month you know about the severe drought here in Alabama. As it worsened not only did the streams and lakes dry up, the usual submissions of launch photos evaporated too. Seems no one is able to fly for now. We finally got about 1 inch of rain last night, so hopefully next month we will again have some great rockets for your viewing pleasure. In the meantime, here are a few vintage, seasonally appropriate, real and pulp rockets for your enjoyment!


An old shot from the 60's of Santa's Atlas sleigh.


Captain Starr donated a captured Grey saucer to Santa so Rudolph could take this year off.


One way or another Santa gets around.


Here's DSSF super scientist, Rollie Stabroth, getting into the Christmas spirit by launching his tree!


Just a bug or two to work out on the recovery but don't worry, Rollie is just fine and he saved the tree too!


With a further assist from Rollie (space suits for the team) and Captain Starr, (M motors for the rails) Santa's original sleigh and his reindeer are now able to deliver the goods in record time.


A shot from Christmas of 1964 when the elves attempted their own version of "rocket delivery." Never heard of that one? Not many people have but let's just say... it could have gone better.

And finally, below, Randy & I have a message for all of you...


May you and those you love experience all the joys of the season!

Merry Christmas!

Verna & Randy



Go to full screen, turn your speakers up and take a look!

Trailer by Rachel Bostwick


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