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HPR Photos Of The Month


SEARS President Greg Lane sent in 2 photos this month, the one above combines Ham radio with rocketry. Up first is his 5 inch extended Gizmo, carrying a radio payload and launched on a J-315.
Greg's next shot is a great liftoff photo of John Hansel's V-2 launching on a Loki M. You know that had to make some noise to go with all the fire & smoke!



Here we see a great series of photos by Brian Uhlenkamp of his Sirius Eradicator taking to the skies on a G40-7W White Lightning. Nice! 
In addition to being DSSF's most powerful weapon the Eradicator is also a great transition kit to get you from mid to high power! Perfect for making your level 1 attempt!


Next Up...


Here's a shot sent in by DSSF General, Pete Barrett, of his dog Chloe. From the looks of it Chloe not only has an interest in space flight, she already has her own rocket! The General may have to change her name to Astro! Now, if he can only teach her to say, "Rime rorry Rete."


Don Magness also has his own space program going over at Squirrel Works Model Rocketry with, you guessed it, a space squirrel! Looking at his expression through the portal, Rocky seems to be saying, "Light the candle Don!"
Don't worry folks, these are just some cute photos, Pete and Don won't be launching their pets into space.
Many thanks to Greg, Brian, Pete and Don for sharing all their wonderful photos with us this month! 


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