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Go to full screen, turn your speakers up and take a look!

Trailer by Rachel Bostwick


Rich Boyette and his team have produced a very impressive MEGA-GYROC!


This "slightly" upscaled Gyroc fly's on 1 M1419 main motor and 2 K1100 boosters!


There is a word for this... AWESOME!

Gyroc photos courtesy of MAKE e-zine:


It's a rare occasion when DSSF General, Pete Barrett, gets a few minutes away from leading the Deep Space Strike Force and fighting aliens but once in a while he escapes HQ long enough to do a little flying.


In Pete's own words... "Just got some great shots from David Davies of my Radio Controlled Rocket Boost Glider "Boomerang 2" on a Pro 38 G58 White motor, launched as a finale of the UKAYROC Finals yesterday."


We agree, GREAT shots indeed!


Ted Macklin's Renegade at the May DARS launch in Texas.


Nice liftoff shot but Ted says the flight was a little squirrely. A single C engine on the first stage meant it was a bit under powered off the rod and after staging, the flight eventually splashed down in a near by pond resulting in the loss of the sustainer. Ted is currently upgrading his Renegade clone to a D first stage.


Of course you know we love anything with a Jolly Roger on it. I know this will come as a shock to most of you but I'd rebuild the first stage as a 3 C cluster. : )


Our thanks to Rich, Pete, Ted, David and MAKE for all the great photos!!!



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