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Photos Of The Month

A Double "D" CATO!

CATO: (kay-toe) Catastrophic take off.


Jeff Tolliver was out with the kids recently for an afternoon launch but unfortunately his prized V2 (above) and Executioner (below) both suffered D12-3 cato’s.



Jeff thinks the V2 will be repaired without much of a problem but the Executioner had a nice size hole blown out on two sides of the fins, so that one will take a bit of craftsmanship. After engine #2 malfunctioned Jeff wisely discarded the remaining engine from that pack.




From our own experience we’ve seen a ton of E engine cato’s over the years but a D cato is a rare event. In 46 years of flying we’ve never had a D cato. Our guess would be poor handling during shipping.


While Jeff and company weren’t able to get in their last 2 launches of the day, they did manage to get some very interesting shots of the event. Hopefully Jeff will be posting new photos of the repaired birds climbing into the sky again soon.


Thanks Jeff for the photos! 





And Speaking Of Catos...


From the World Space Modeling Championships in Varna, Bulgaria we see even the best flyers in the world can be struck down by a cato. This time a beautiful clustered Proton bites the dust!


Thanks to for the photo!
Follow the link above to see a lot more from WSMC 2014!


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