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Photos Of The Month

April Is Going Retro!


Our friend Bill Cooke is back again with a blast from the past! Feast your eyes on his Centuri Quasar clone, going up on a C6-5. We love retro-looking rockets!


Vince Huegele’s Hexagon going up on an Estes E12.  Or, is it?


Yep, it's a cato, just as the Hexagon leaves the rod but fear not, Bill Cooke reports there was no damage to the rocket.  You just can't trust an E motor below 60* F.


Speaking of retro-looking rockets, check out this 5 engine cluster by Chas Haugen! It takes a lot of intestinal fortitude to fly with 4 engines this far off center. 


Here's a nice close up of the business end during paint prep. For many more photos and the all detatils, jump on over to this month's Fire & Smoke!


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