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Rolf Stabroth - Russian Proton


Rollie's back and still World Class!


Most days, Rollie is deep underground at a super secret base in the Mojave Desert, usually hard at work for the ‘black ops’ entity known as Sirius Rocketry, as they and the Deep Space Strike Force, do their best to keep us all safe from marauding aliens but every once in a while, Rollie takes a break and emerges for a little R&R.


In his greatly limited spare time, he likes to build amazing HPR rockets from scratch.


Just a little more prep...


and a little assistance...


And again this month we find ourselves drooling over his latest amazing build and flight; a clustered Russian Proton rocket!

Of course, his website has a complete build article and many more photos if you want to see the Proton rise from the raw materials and come to life. His shop and craftsmanship are second to none! The text is in German but if your browser doesn't have a translator built in, the photos will tell the story. Just enjoy!


Engines for the first flight: 6 H123-SK CTI and 1 H225-WT

You can see all of Rollie's fantastic rockets on his website:


From The Original Rocket Dungeon


Looks like Dick has been tooling around the solar system with Rocket Babe again. Great looking Verna Starr Cestris Fighter!

The "Dungeon" has long been one of our all time favorite websites; mainly because Randy believes Dick Stafford is actually Uncle Fester in disguise. If you were a fan of The Addams Family you may recall they were a bit eclectic (like the Dungeon) and Fester was known to frequently launch rockets from the roof. Randy enjoys "eclectic" and launching rockets from the roof so...


Here we see a great looking Atlas ready for launch.


It's up and away as it sparkles in the bright sunshine!


Then the shiny Atlas floats down majestically until it snags a tree limb, making for an easy pick up and a very soft landing. But remember kids, Dick is a professional so don't try the "tree trick" at home.

See what Dick has posted today:

Our thanks to Rollie and David for some great photos of their beautiful rockets!



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