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Bad Girl Saturn V Full Stack

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Bad Girl Saturn V Full Stack
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Bad Girl 

Saturn V Full Stack 3 Stage 11 Engine Cluster


Verna's BAD GIRL is a full stack, 3 stage, 11 engine Saturn V
First Stage:        5 C6-0 Engines
Second Stage:   1 B6-0 (core) 4 B4-2 Engines
Third Stage        1 B4-2 Engine
* This version features a removable mount for the first stage engines. For added excitment, Bad Girl is CHAD staged, with clustered engines that are
10.5" apart. That's right, NO electronics!!!
A complete overview of Bad Girl, including instructions and photos is available on the S.E.A.R.S. 572 website:

What makes Bad Girl so special? Lots of things! By Estes and most model rocket standards, Bad Girl is a monster! Weighing in at 26.7 ounces she is one of the heaviest model rockets I have ever seen. Her combined thrust of 18.65 pounds, with CHAD staged engines of 5 to 5 to 1 with 10.5" between stages and TWICE on the same flight, is a truly rare event.
Maybe it's seeing all 5 first stage engines fire simultaneously or maybe it's watching all 5 engines of the second stage kick in or maybe it's the special nose art but no matter how you look at her, this rocket is a Bad Girl!


Bad Girl on the pad.   4 flights.


Lifting off on a cloudy day at the NAR 665 Birmingham field with
all 5 first stage engines up and producing some nice flames.


Same flight, second stage burn out.
**CHAD Staging: Short for "cheap and dirty."


Nose art of the real Bad Girl


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